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Johann Jost Hofheintz, son of Jost Hofheintz and Anna Marie Finck, was born on May 26th 1701 in, or near, Eibelshausen, Germany, in the state of Hessen, and was christened in neighboring Ewersbach on March 20th 1702/03. On January 7th, 1725/26 in Bergerbersbach, Germany, Johann Jost married Maria Catherina Opperman, daughter of Johann Adam Opperman and Maria Moller. Maria Catharina was born on July 8th 1703 in Bergerbersbach.
Together, Johann Jost and Maria Catharina became the parents of eight known children, many of whom found their way to America and became the progenitors of the American branches of the family. It is with Johann Jost and Maria Catharina that we begin our descendency charts as Generation One.
Below, you will find a listing of the children born to this union with links to the available biographical information and descendency charts. As with all information on this site, I have taken every precaution to ensure all reasonable accuracy, though there are undoubtably mistakes within. Some of this information was contributed by other kind researchers who share the common goal of making it available to all present day descendents and interested parties. Many thanks to them.
Should you find mistakes or errors, have information to add or share, or just have general comments or questions, please let me know.

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  1. Hans Heinrich Hofheintz, chr January 12th 1728/29 in Germany
  2. Johann Jacob Hofheintz, chr May 26th 1729 in Ewersbach, Hessen, Germany
  3. Johann Adam Hofheintz, chr March 10th 1731/32 in Bergerbersbach, Hessen, Germany
  4. Anna Elisabeth Hofheintz, chr January 17th 1734/35 in Bergerbersbach, Hessen, Germany
  5. Johann Daniel Hofheintz, chr May 26th 1736 in Ewersbach, Hessen, Germany
  6. Anna Catherine Hofheintz, chr June 23rd 1739 in Ewersbach, Hessen, Germany
  7. Johann Jost Hofheintz, chr November 24th 1743 in Bergerbersbach, Hessen, Germany
  8. Johannes Georg Hofheintz, b 1747 in Ritterhausen, Bavaria, Germany