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As we all know, our family tree branches in many directions, starting with ourselves and moving to our parents and beyond. Sometimes, we get so focused on one branch of the family that we forget about the others. Maternal lines are often 'forgotten' because of the difficulties we face in tracing a female.

Because a woman changes her name at marriage, we might search for her lineage for years, only to find we've been working under the wrong assumption - only to find her maiden name was really something else. For example, Aunt Sally was a Smith when she married Uncle Bob. The question then is, was this really her maiden surname or was she married before? Or, because women of the past were limited by law, the only record we might have of our female ancestor is census records - listing only her married name. How many women in your database do have listed as "Maiden Name Unknown?" I have more than I'd like to admit! It's frustrating, to say the least. That's why marriage records are so very important in our quest for our maternal heritage.

I am listing here those Huffines records of marriage I have at my immediate disposal. If you can add to the listing, say through family Bible records, actual marriage bonds, etc, please contact me, and I will list them here.

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