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Census records, as we all know, contain important genealogical information about our ancestors and their families. Perhaps the most important aspect of the census, aside from knowing the location of our ancestors, is learning the makeup of the family in earlier years and later the names of individuals within a family unit. Likewise tax lists are important for placing our ancestors at specific locations during specific periods. Since tax lists were compiled yearly, this can be particularly helpful when a family tended to move a great deal. They are also beneficial for placing families in the years preceding the practice of census taking or in interim between the census cycle.

Listed here are the various Huffines families as extracted from early tax lists and census records for the years: 1790 through 1930. Please bear in mind that this project is in its infancy and the listing is far from exhaustive. As time and space constraints allow, I hope to include many more counties and states where our Huffines families lived during these special times.

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1890 Census Coming Soon