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In the distant past, there was little attention paid to record keeping, especially of personal information. Paper and writing implements were hard to come by, and the time to do such tedious, and considered menial, tasks was ever more difficult to find. When Bible salesmen started making their rounds in rural areas, they no doubt propogated the idea that folks could record their family history on the blank pages provided inside the books. It is told that people would save for months to purchase one. In these Bibles, they recorded an array of information about their families, including birth and death dates, marriage dates, and other special events. And the books were eventually handed down throughout the generations.
The problem for genealogists and family historians today, all these years later, is to locate these records. If you know of a Huffines family Bible record and would like to transcribe it and share it with other researchers, please contact me. 

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Huffine, William