Huffines Family History
"Brigatine Mary" : 01 Oct 1789


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01 October 1789. Ship Brigatine Mary , Captain Kiren Fitzpatrick, from Amsterdam, Holland - 104 Passengers


Carel Waggener; Henry Smith; Jacob Wise; Daniel Counts; Adam Heiler; Justine Hartnat; Lamburgh Road; Carrol Luwigh Barngat; Lewdwight Mingh; Christian Frank; Jacop Berkelbach; Johanes Faner; Christian Fornhoaf; Johanes Waggener; Henerich Sheaffer; Peter Hoorst; Henerich Heaf; Adam Arnolds; Jacop Hornevius; Lewis Henery Bast; Jonna Peter Schit; Johan Jost Weber; Jacop Wast; Hendrich Wilhelm Zimerman; Johannes Miller; Johanes Sneider; JOHANNES GEORG HOFFHEINTZ; Johan Gorg Ebert; Johan Gorg Ebert (Swiss); Conrad Dederich. - Total 30 men


Johana Harknat; Jusina Benald; Ana Elizabeth Road; Maria Barncat; Ellizabeth Frank; Susana Craftin; Anna Magdelenia Find; Anna Maria Berkelbach; Elizabeth Horniavius; Elizabeth Cristiana Horniavius; Ana Cathena Cristiana Horniavius; Justinia Hart; Ellizabeth Zimerman; Anna Maria Miller; ANNA MARIA HOFFHEINTZ; Anna Magdalena Ebert; Anna Maria Dederich. - Total 17 Women


Christina Harknat; Anna Cristinia Harknat; Charlote Harknat; Anna Elizabeth Barncat; Philipina Barncat; Cristina Barncat; Fredericha Frank; Louise Sharp; Jacop Heneavis; Henerita Bast; Cristenia Buckle; Willemenia Shitz; Hennerotia Shitz; Carrolinia Weber; Willeminia Weber; Margarita Weber; Henerita Weber; Caterinia Maria Weber; Catherina Weber; Louisa Sleifenbaum; Maria Sleifenbaum; Anna Maria Zimmerman; Anna Chatherina Miller; ANNA ELIZABETH HOFFHEINTZ; ANNA CATHERRINA HOFFHEINTZ; Elizabeth Ebert; Anna Magdelina Ebert; Catarenia Dederich; Philipina Dederich; Anna Margreta Dederich; Maria Cristina Dederich; Elizabeth Dederich; Justine Busserin. - Total 33 Girls


Cristian Harknat; Carol Harknat; Honer Road; Hancrist Road; Lewdwight Toolat; Frederich Barncat; Philip Frank; Cristena Frank*; Gottfried Shitz; John William Shitz; Frederich Henerich Weber; Johann Henerich Weber; Friederich Earl Weber; Wilhelm Sleifenbaum; Anthon Sleifenbaum; JACOP HOFFHINTZ; Johanes Ebert; John Just Ebert; Jacob Ebert; Johan Gorg Ebert; Johanes Diderich; Sebastian Diderich; Johan Jacop Diderich; Laudwight Frank. - Total 24 Boys

Source: Strassburger, Ralph Beaver. Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808 , ED. Hinkle, William John. Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1980. VOL 2, pp 35-36.