Huffines Family History
"Two Brothers" : 21 Sep 1751


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21 September 1751. Ship Two Brothers , Thomas Arnet, Captain, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes - 239 Passengers.

Johannes Bausum; Philippus Bausum; Johannes Decker; Johannes Rahn; Jacob Jung; Abraham Jung; Johan Steinmetz*; Georg Romel; Jacob Pander; Melchior Jung; Joh. Christ. Fried. Wolff; Christofel Gerhart; Johann Henrich Decker; Melchior Jung; Caspar Steinmetz*; Johan Jacob Steinmetz; Johan Christian Lupp; Johann Wilhelm Staudter; Joh. Michael Lung; Johan Georg Etzler; Christian Rohr*; Johannes Stauffer; Simon Weier; Andreas Brendle; Georg Lupp; Adam Lung; Caspar Augenstein; Ludwig Beickle; Gregorious Richter*; Henrich Arndt; Carl Lohe; Johannes Konig; Daniel Becker; Johannes Hein; Johannes Henrich; Johannes Orth; Valentin Fey; Johannes Lappe; Andreas Gratz; Anthonious Seemisch; Conrad Christian; Jacob Eberhart; Philipp Thomas; Philipp Hetz; Ludwig Gleissinger; Johannes Werbung; Georg Straub; Jacob Fegert; Mattheis Hunolt; Wilhelm Hunolt; Jacob Schauer*; Simon Lung; Johannes Shrout*; Baltzer Kentzler*; Henry Matheas; Nicolaus Stoltz; Johannes Bentz; Han Martin Schers; Jacob Heinberger; Wolfgang Ruttichell; Johann Georg Schneck; Johan Philip Eyster; Caspar Kalckglosser' Georg Henrich Solinus; Johann Wilhelm Weyman; Hans Michael Herzog; Hans George Schmitt*; William Maltzberger*; Johan Conrad Kreger*; Johannes Becker; Johann Georg Henrich; Johannes Heintz; Johan Henrich Heym; Johan Jost Giersbach; Johann Daniel Hoffman; Johan Henrich Gring*; Johann Henrich Hartman; Johann Georg Decker; JOHAN JACOB HOFFHEINTZ ; Johan Henrich Ebes; Joh. Henry Mauerbach*; Joh. Henrich Nicodemus; Johan Jost Gring; Philip Henrich Noll; Johann Martin Bender; Johann Michael Wieg; Johan Daniel Will; Johan Adam Schmidt; Johan Friederich Perlet; Martin Christoph Roder; Johannes Kristmann; Johanness Mossberger; Friederich Klarwein; Joh. Christoph Georgey; Fried. Wilhelm Herman; Joh. Wilhelm Weinandt; Johan Jacob Gobler; J. Gerhart Zimmerman; Johan Henrich Adam; Joh. Gerhart Schuhmacher; Joh. Wilhelm Cromberg; Joh. Wilhelm Bodenheimer.

Source: Rupp, Prof. I. Daniel, A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French, and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1775 , Genealogical Publishing Company: Baltimore, 1975.