Huffines Family History
"Brothers" : 16 Sep 1751


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16 September 1751. Ship Brothers, William Muir, Captain, from Rotterdam. - 200 Passengers

Johannes Leinberger; Henry Schneyder*; Johannes Bieber; Joseph Kennel; Paul Mercker; Henrich Seistel; Friederich Millefelt*; Erhart Millefelt*; Michel Bieber; Henrich Bieber; Chrstoph Weber; Georg Hackir; Peter Abert' George Mader; Valentin Walter; Michael Oberly; Andreas Klein; Peter Moore*; Peter Dingis*; Peter Heyser*; Johannes Seyfarth; Johann Jacob Zigenfuss; Johann Philip Schneck; Joh. Melchior Swerer*; Hans Jacob Farnie; Hans Adam Wagner; Friederich Entzminger*; Johan Jacob Schmidt; Johannes Schmidt; Johannes Schnitt; Johann Nicolaus Merckel; Georg Conrad Meffet; Philip Brentz; Johann Jacob Ahlem; Johan Adam Stein; Johannes Zossler; Ludwig Friedland; Johann Michel Mohr; Johann Jacob Blum; Johan Jacob Maul; Joh. Peter Sheesler; Johann Georg Hotzele; Jacob Ludwig; Martin Wolff*; Henry Wolff*; Adam Adams*; Friederich Kirchner*; Christoff Heuer; Christoph Hauck; Jacob Hauer*; Sebastian Nagel; Jacob Lehme; Jacob Heit; Joachim Nagel; Georg Obermeyer; Michael Weber; Andreas Mohr*; Georg Meintzer; Conrad Menser*; Anthony Graff*; David Bietch*; Michael Bietch*; Jacob Roth*; Ludwig Weltnes; Jacob Ritter; Daniel Zoller; Jacob Frantz; Christian Peter; Joh. Jacob Gerling*; Valentin Blumenstein*; Johan Wendel Beylstein; Joh. Georg Kirchner*; Bernhard Hauer*; Martin Maintzer; Johann Michael Hause; David Musgnug; Michael Raub; Johann Georg Stahlein; Anthony Hauer; Anthony Nagel JR; Anthony Nagel SR; Han Georg Kappes; Hans Georg Dillman; Johannes Munster; Hans Georg Uhlerich; Johan Adam Heiser; Georg Bastian Eigelberger; Ludwig Schlincker; Johannes Monitzer*; Friederich Daniel Muller; GEORG H0FFHEINTZ* ; Ludwig Bender; Johan Henry Past; Henrich Mag.

Source: Rupp, Prof. I. Daniel, A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French, and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1775 , Genealogical Publishing Company: Baltimore, 1975.