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Alphabetically by Bride
Bride			Groom			County       Date	   Vol/Page     Lic
Hoffhine, Ann		Myer, Peter		Carroll      01/01/1863	   OMR/0138
Hoffhine, Ida A.	Ebright, William	Ogle         06/01/1882	   001/0000
	Remarks: Daughter of David; Son of John
Hoffine, Girtrude	Hofford, William C.	Ogle         09/30/1880	   001/0000     00005777
	Remarks: Daughter of David; Son of W. C. and Sarah
Hoffine, Mary A. (Mrs.)	Brookhauser, James	Cook         05/02/1893		        00200409
Hoffines, Sarah E.	Trotter, Harvey B.	Piatt        10/08/1885	   00B/0074     00001022
Hoffines, Zelda J.	Gale, William M.	Piatt        01/15/1884	   00B/0063     00000805
Huffine, Cansada	Grove, Alfred		Franklin     09/16/1894	   00E/0382
Huffine, Effie		Furlow, W. F.		Franklin     06/04/1905	   002/0188
Huffine, Ellen		Boon, John T.		Franklin     03/22/1900	   002/0098
Huffine, Emma May	Dotson, Andrew		Pulaski      05/25/1899	   001/0198
Huffine, Eva		Duckworth, R. H.	Franklin     07/27/1910	   003/0193
Huffine, Martha A.	Tefertiller, Monroe	Franklin     04/26/1901	   002/0114
Huffine, Mary E.	Humbert, Franklin P.	McDonough    02/11/1875		        00000351
Huffine, Maud		Dotey, Alonzo C.	Macon        06/23/1896
Huffines, Elzina	Fletcher, J. M.		Franklin     03/21/1889	   001/0161
Huffines, Elzina	Fletcher, J. M.		Franklin     03/21/1889	   00D/0392
Huffines, Emma		Griswold, William E.	Franklin     11/20/1898	   002/0076
Huffines, Harriet F.	Upton, Joseph A.	White        10/07/1869	   008/0000
Huffines, Hattie	Quinn, John		Piatt        12/25/1878	   00B/0030     00000144
Huffines, Ollie		Casada, John Wesley	Franklin     10/16/1891	   001/0201
Huffines, Ollie		Casada, J. W.		Franklin     10/16/1891	   00E/0077
Huffines, Rebecca E.	Webber, Martin		Franklin     02/02/1884	   001/0088
Huffines, Rebecca E.	Webber, Martin		Franklin     02/02/1884	   00C/0377
Huffines, Sarah		Duvall, Andrew		Piatt        10/13/1862	   00A/0028

Alphabetically by Groom
Groom			Bride			County	     Date          Vol/Page     Lic
Hoffhine, Isaac C.	Garman, Mary		Ogle         03/10/1868	   00C/0000     00003205
Hoffhines, J. F.	Hanner, Rachel A.	Edgar        04/11/1889	   01B/0210
Hoffhines, Daniel	Staples, Maye		Champaign    01/27/1900	   000/0000     00001115
Hoffhines, David	Rock, Carrie		Piatt        03/02/1897	   00B/0152     00002589
Hoffines, Isaac		Arndt, Hattie		Macon        08/03/1889	   000/0000
Huffhines, Andrew       Miller, Amanda Rosella  Montgomery   03/27/1864    000/0000
Huffhines, Cascious	Perkins, Lenore		Piatt        10/07/1896	   00B/0148     00002524
Huffhines, John H.	Spencer, Virginia L.	Montgomery   12/31/1886	   001/0134     00008158
Huffhines, William A.	Wagoner, Mary A.	Williamson   11/29/1866	   00B/0140
Huffine, Charles	Daly, Frances		Macon        06/24/1881	   000/0000
Huffine, D. H.		Rowland, Julia A.	Williamson   08/11/1874	   00D/0006
Huffine, Harris		Rose, Minnie M.		Macon        03/05/1895	   000/0000
Huffine, Joseph		Summers, Amanda	        Franklin     08/01/1865	   003/0560
Huffine, Robert H.	Crane, Eliza		Franklin     12/13/1898	   002/0077
Huffines, Daniel	Thomas, Sarah Eliz.	White        07/29/1880	   012/0000
Huffines, Jonathan	Fisher, Susannah	Piatt        12/10/1857	   00A/0016
Huffines, Robert	Cook, Nancy C.		Franklin     06/26/1887	   00D/0229
Huffines, Robert	Cook, Nancy C.		Franklin     06/26/1887	   001/0136
Huffines, Stephen	Madden, Almay		Piatt        08/23/1857	   00A/0015
Huffines, William	Cook, Malinda J.	Franklin     12/29/1889	   001/0170