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1920 United States Census


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Beginning Date: 1 Jan 1920
Projected Completion Date: 1 Feb 1920
Data include in this Enumeration:
Address; Name; Relationship to Head of Household; Whether home was owned or rented, free or mortgaged; Sex; Race; Age at last birthday; Marital Status (single, married, widowed, divorced); Year of immigration to the U. S. (if applicable) and citizenship status; School attendance since 1 Sep 1919; Literacy; Language spoken (individual, father, mother); Birthplace (individual, Father, Mother); Occupation or profession, type of industry, and whether employer, employees, or self-employed; Number of farm schedule 
Special Notes and Instructions:

1. Children born AFTER 1 Jan 1920 were not to be included in this census; while persons dying AFTER 1 Jan 1920 were to be included.

2. There were no separate Indian schedules taken during this time.

3. The original 1920 census forms were destroyed, leaving only the microfilms.

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