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The Church of Christ at Bagdad in Jackson County, Tennessee was established prior to 1844. According to a church registry dating from 1830, originally belonging to Major Thomas Draper, but in the possession of H. C. Clark in 1936, it is likely that the church was extant as early as 1830, and possibly earlier. The following, and all subsequent listings below were transcribed from the Historical Records Project (project number 65-44-1465) in 1936. This information is currently housed at the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.


THE CHURCH OF CHRIST congregation at Bagdad, is over a hundred years old. In 1843 they decided to build a house where the congregation could meet together for worship. And Maj. THOMAS DRAPER gave one acre of ground and later THOMAS HUDDLESTON gave one acre of ground. The following is a diagram of the CHURCH OF CHRIST at BAGDAD, meeting house & grounds.

During the war (1861 _ 1865), the original deeds were misplaced or destroyed in some way. The CHURCH now holds a deed obtained from the court of Jackson County. Uncle Sammy DeWhit, among, if not, the first Minister to preach to the CHURCH of CHRIST, at BAGDAD. Capt. James Young Elder, Thomas Huddleston Elder, and Maj. Thomas Draper Elder among the oldest members and Elders. (The above information given by H. C. Clark, has lived all of his life except a few years near this Church.) He is also an Elder in the church now and nearing his 79th birthday. The above named H. C. Clark has in his possession and care the Church Register which dates from 1844 to the present year (1936) and among the old volumes is found one Vol. The property of Thomas Draper Apr. 12, 1830 & 1831. Now the property, of H. C. Clark.)

  • Christopher Huffines, by letter of Kentucky dated 27 Nov 1846
  • Christopher Huffines removed from church roll, 27 Jan 1847
  • W. C. Huffines died 3 Jan 1919
  • John Huffines removed to Nashville in 1905
  • Walter Huffines came from Baptist - no date
  • Lula Birdwell (Alias Huffines) listed on rolls - no date
  • Vallie Huffines listed on rolls - no date
  • Daisy Huffines, gone to Nashville, 1905
  • Bell Huffines listed on rolls, no date
  • W. E. Huffines, member, Jan 1923
  • W. C. Huffines, member Jan 1923
  • Vallie Huffines, member Jan 1923
  • Bell Huffines, listed as members who do not attend, 1915
  • G. P. Huffines, bought song books for $1.40, Jul 1923
  • Thomas Huffines, died 7 Jan 1934