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Will of Johann Jost ‘Joseph’ Hofheintz


(Written 6 Jan 1825, Recorded 25 Oct 1826)

Source 1: Don Sheaffer, Email correspondence, 2003

Source 2: Pickaway County, Ohio Will Book, VOL 1, Page 90, FHL Film # 288397

Background: Johann Jost ‘Joseph’ Hofheintz was the son of Jost Hofheintz and his wife Maria Catharina Opperman. He was christened on 24 Nov 1743 in Bergebersbach, Hessen, Germany. Jost, later anglicized to Joseph, emigrated to America, landing in the port of Philadelphia in 1766 with a fellow soldier. Joseph lived in Fayette County, Pennsylvania until roughly 1806 when he first appeared in Pickaway County, Ohio. It was here that he later died.

In the name of God Amen. I, Joseph HOFFHINES, now of Madison Township, Pickaway County and State of Ohio, being yet in a tolerable state of health, and of sound mind and memory but considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, therefore I do hereby make mt last will and testament, in writing, in order to dispose of the property wherewith it hath pleased the Almighty to bless me in this life. 1st. It is my will and I do order, that immediately after my death, my funeral expenses be paid and that all just demands against me be paid as soon as it can conviently be done. 2nd. It is my will that each of my children shall have an equal portion of my real and personal property after my wife's death. My wife, Susannah, is to have one mare and the one third of both real and personal property during her life, and she is to have her thirds of the land in any part of the quarter she wishes to make choice of. There is money coming from my father-in-law in the State of Pennsylvania. It is my will that my said wife shall have the same, exclusive of her thirds, whereas my son-in-law James Wilkinson hath highly offended and disobliged me of his conduct in life hath rendered himself unworthy to be called or taken notice of as a son-in-law, I give and bequeath unto the said Wilkinson the sum of one dollar shall go in full satisfaction of all right, title,interest, claim and demand whatsoever, which he may or can in any way pretend to have a claim of in or to all or any part of my real or personal estate. It is my will that the Executors hereinafter mentioned in my said will shall have hold and sole management of my daughter Sarah Wilkinson's share, for the use of her and her children. I order that so soon as the execuror's can get money sufficient to purchase land, that is of the share of my daughter said Sarah Wilkinson for the use of her and her children aforesaid. It is my will that the executors should rent the land and keep the fences and buildings in good repair during the lifetime of my wife, and divide the proceeds equal between all my children. It is my will that after the death of my wife, my land should continue to be rented out and divide the proceeds thereof equally between them until such a time as my said children shall uniformly agree to a sale thereof and then the money shall be equally divided between them. I order that my son Adam shall have eighty dollars before any divide, for sundry good causes me thereunto moving. My son, Jacob, is owing me one hundred and fourteen dollars. It is my will that he may have the same towards his share without interest. My son, Isaac, is owing eighty dollars. I order that my said son, Isaac, shall have the same without interest. It is my will that my son William's share shall be paid to his legal heirs, at the time, and at all times when a divident made amont the rest of my children. And lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my two sons, George and Isaac, to be sole executors of this my last will and testament, revoking and annulling all former wills be me heretofore made, ratifying and confirming this and none other to to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I, Joseph Hoffhines, have set my hand and seal at the bottom of this sheet, this sixth day of January One thousand eight hundred and twenty five.

Joseph Hoffhines

Signed and acknowledged in the presents of us,

in testimoney whereof we have hereunto set our hands.

John Reed

Peter Miller



Personally appeared in open Court John Reed and Peter Miller, whose names are subscribed to the last will and testament of Joseph Hoffhines, this day offered for probate, and made oath that they saw the said Joseph Hoffhines sign the said last will and testament, that they signed the same as witnesses, in his presents and at his request, and that said testator was at that time of lawful age, of sound mind and memory, and not under any restraint.

John Reed

Peter Miller

Sworn to and subscribed in open court this 25th day of October 1826.

A. Huston, Clk.