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Riley Washington Huffines


Inventory - Jackson County, Tennessee

Source: Jackson County, Tennessee Loose Records H. MFM # 84. Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee.

Background: Riley Washington Huffines was the son of Daniel Huffines and Mary Elizabeth Teel. He was born, reared, and lived the majority of his adult life in Jackson County, Tennessee. Riley married Sarah ‘Sally’ Ray.


Inventory of the personal property of RILEY W. HUFFHINES, deceased, which came to the hands of WILLIAM DRAPER, Administrator. To wit:

Note on G. W. Huffhines, (doubtful) interest and principal to the 7 of March 1875


Note on D. M. Huffhines, balance due on said note 7th March 1875


Note on P. E. Woods and P. A. Wakefield due 1st March 1876


Note on Jessee E. Sloan and W. N. Dixon, due 1st March 1876 (doubtful)


Note on G. H. Hardcastle executed to Daniel Huffhines due 1st March 1875 (doubtful) for interest and principal after all due credits to 24 Apr 1875


Note on J. Jenkins, due 28th of May 1874 (Bad)


Note on Elam Russell, due 13th of March 1870 (Bad)


Note on Joel Richardson, executed to Owen and Murphy, Due 24 Jul 1873 (Bad)


Note on Joel Richardson, executed to Owen and Murphy, due 1st Jun 1852 (Bad)




Sale Bill of personal property sold on the 22nd day of April 1876 on a credit of 12 months.

G. W. Huffhines, purchased divers artickles am'ting to


Sarah Huffhines (widow), ditto


D. F. Huffhines, ditto


S. G. Huffhines, ditto


Daniel M. Huffhines, ditto


Bazel Gaines, ditto


S. Russell, ditto


L. H. McCarver, ditto


Daniel Hardcastle, ditto


R. S. Wiggins, ditto


L. Y. McKnight, ditto


B. Davenport, ditto


Alexander Cassetty, ditto


Rufus Huffhines, ditto


Gillaspe Huffhines, ditto


H. H. Huffhines, ditto


Neal Carver, ditto


Williams and Russell for Tobacco purchased from Deceased in his lifetime




Cash am't of estate in notes


Cash am't from sale of tangible items


GRAND TOTAL of the Riley W. Huffines estate