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Huffines Family History
"Pallas" : 25 Nov 1763


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25 November 1763. Ship Pallas , Richard Milner, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes - 198 Passengers

Isaac Droqunt; George Kuhnele; Conrad Mayer; Georg Wagner; Johannes Schmidt; David Jansohn; Jacob Weissert; Johannes Schaaff; Ludwig Amaus; Gottlieb Koll; Peter Opp; Johann Wendel; Martin Helder; Jacob Hauser; Lewis Stutz*; Jost Vohl; Johannes Georg; Jacob Heintz; Henrich Flick; Henrich Graff; Johannes Blum; Henrich Just Rohrig; Georg Friederich Hammer; Ulrich Burckholder; Georg Wilhelm Janson; Johann Henrich Strauch; Friederich Holtzhausser; Michael Braun; Conrad Scherer; Johann George Hochst; Martin Schneider; Johannes Friehruff; Wilhelm Bleiniger; John Henry Miller*; Johan Martin Merck; John Henry Freind*; Johann Conrad Kryser; Johann Jacob Schweitzer; JOHANN ADAM HOFFHEINTZ; JOHANN DANIEL HOFFHEINTZ ; Wilhelm Ritter; Georg Thomas Gerhardt; Peter Scutz; Caspar Reider; Andreas Obmann; Lorentz Obmann; Martin Steffen; Henry Pfeiffer; Baltzer Schock; Friederich Huttner; Philip Faust; Philip Miller*; Christian Pfeiffer; Valentin Seipel*; Peter Wercken*; Abraham Senner; Jean Andrie Stockinger; Jean Louis Seiz; Johann Georg Prestel; Leonhart Frischkorn; Johann Schittenhelm; Johann Christian Schreiber; Gerlach Wittenstein.

Source: Rupp, Prof. I. Daniel, A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French, and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1775 , Genealogical Publishing Company: Baltimore, 1975.