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Fayette County
Last Name	First		Middle		DOB		DOD		Cemetery		Inscription
Huffine		Earl		A.		00/00/1924	00/00/1998	Cochran
Huffine		Frank				00/00/1880	00/00/1940	Dickerson
Huffine		George				00/00/1840	00/00/1892	Cochran			Co D 168 Reg PA GAR
Huffine		Harry		E.		00/00/1911	00/00/1986	Cochran			Father
Huffine		Henry				00/00/1844	00/00/1921	Dickerson		CO "G" 1861-1865 GAR
Huffine		Infant				00/00/0000	08/16/1945	Cochran
Huffine		James		B.		00/00/1882	00/00/1965	Cochran
Huffine		James		R.		03/29/1918	09/15/1947	Cochran			PFC Co G 2nd INF WW2
Huffine		Jessie				00/00/1909	00/00/1979	Cochran
Huffine		Jessie		L.		02/15/1934	11/29/1993	Dickerson		A3/C USAF Korea
Huffine		Josephine	C.		00/00/1913	00/00/1985	Cochran			Mother
Huffine		Joyce		A.		04/11/1935	00/00/0000	Dickerson
Huffine		Margaret			00/00/1847	00/00/1906	Cochran
Huffine		Miriam		A.		00/00/1915	00/00/0000	Cochran
Huffine		Myrtle		M.		00/00/1889	00/00/1940	Cochran
Huffine		Norma		J.		00/00/1933	00/00/0000	Cochran
Huffine		Ray		Allen		06/03/1939	11/27/1939	Cochran
Huffine		Ray		Lloyd		10/01/1889	12/08/1971	Cochran			PVT Co D 133rd MG BN
Huffine		Rebecca				00/00/1859	00/00/1946	Dickerson
Huffine		Robert		K.		12/08/1886	10/20/1954	Cochran			PVT Co D 52nd INF WW1
Huffine		Tommy		M.		05/18/1970	10/02/1987	Dickerson
Steele		Catherine	Huffines	04/08/1833	No Date	        Hopewell		82y 3m 5d/ Wife of Wm.
Steele		William				04/30/1854	No Date	        Hopewell