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Name			Date of Death		Location	Age	WPA Ref # 	County
Hoffeim, Israel		12/18/1911		Jefferson	86 y	H18/24
Hoffen, H. W.		02/28/1906		Evansville	62 y	H14/4
Hoffeins, Ed		06/11/1895	        Indianapolis	20 y	H5/308
Hoffine, Harold		12/18/1907		Fowler		NAL	H21/97
Hoffine, Nora J.	03/18/1905		Tipp County	16 y	S13L/53
Hoffine, Wm.		08/04/1906		Union TWP	47 y	S13L/87
Hoffines, Samuel	01/14/1889	        Evansville	40 y	CH3/33
Huffine, Annie		12/11/1890		Evansville	03 y	CH4A/110
Huffine, Annie M.	07/18/1893		Evansville	02 m	CH4/11
Huffine, Bessie		06/23/1917		Evansville	40 y	CH5/175
Huffine, Chester	09/27/1908		Evansville	21 y	CH4D/57
Huffine, Effie M.	05/16/1900		Evansville	NAL	CH4C/65
Huffine, Eliza		01/11/1890		Evansville	20 y	CH3/107
Huffine, Hazel		09/04/1916		Frankfort	12 y	???/37		Clinton
Huffine, Infant		11/07/1899		Kirklin		NAL	H19/46		Clinton
Huffine, Isabell	10/20/1914		Evansville	66 y	CH4E/374
Huffine, Julia A.	10/29/1887		Luce TWP	36 y	R1/168
Huffine, Newton Elmer	04/11/1911		Indianapolis	62 y	CH4E/2
Huffine, Philo		09/13/1915		Evansville	78 y	CH4E/465
Huffine, Rachael	05/10/1890		Kirklin		72 y	H17/303		Clinton
Huffine, Rebecca	11/10/1887		Ohio TWP	71 y	R1/170
Huffine, Tim		02/01/1899		Luce TWP	40 y	R4/35
Huffine, Ulysis E.	04/28/1904		Evansville	32 y	CH4C/172
Huffine, William S.	10/14/1918		Hammond	        15 y	CH5/113	        Lake
Huffiner, Nathaniel C.	03/15/1907	        Indianapolis	47 y	H13/83
Huffines, Annie M.	07/18/1893		Evansville	02 m	CH4A/180
Huffines, Mary		06/30/1885		Cannelton	32 y	CO1/24
Huffins, William	12/05/1903		Morrocco	76 y	C15/24
Huffise, August		03/18/1905		Lake County	77 y	CH1/12