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Asberry W. Draper


Heirs of George A. Huffines

Date: (Unknown) After 1867
Place: Jackson County, Tennessee

Note: Portions of this case were generously provided by Byrd Lee Huffines. Thanks again, Lee. In addition to the information provided by Lee, from her book, Virginia and Tennessee Paternal Ancestors, copies of which were furnished to me by Lee Huffines, Annette Richardson Dinwoody states that in 1960, she had the opportunity to go through the court records housed in the basement of the Gainesboro Court House. There she found this court document and published it to the extent that she found it at that time. Her notes and narrative indicate that where " . . ." is used those portions of the document were lost. For purposes of clarity and readablility, I have combined the information from both sources and rearranged it according to the order dictated by the surviving text.

"Complainants find registered in the Registry office of Jackson County Tennessee in Book L, page 432 a deed made by ADAM S. HUFHINES to W. D. DYCUS, a trustee, for said land dated July 1st 1865 to secure the payment of a note to R. F. RICHMOND for $781.50 & also in the same Book at page 518 a deed made by said ADAM S. HUFHINES to said R. F. RICHMOND, as trustee, dated 12th day of August 1865 for said land to secure a debt to MURRY and BOTTS of $100 & to WILLIAM H. BOTTS $180.50 to BERRY & DENURAL(?) $500 & interest & to SAM VANLEAR & Co. $200. Complainants also find registered in said office in Book M at page 408, a deed of conveyance made by WILLIAM H. BOTTS to DANIEL H. HUFHINES for said land dated November 17th 1866. Complainants further show that said GEORGE A. HUFHINES departed this life intestate on the ____ day of _____ 186(7) . . . that complainant ASBERRY W. DRAPER and defendants ADAM S. HUFHINES; THOMAS HUFHINES; RILEY W. HUFHINES; JOHN S. DRAPER; HARRIET FRANCES HUFHINES, wife of MARION HUFHINES; JOANA JOSEPHINE HUFHINES, DANIEL ASBERRY HUFHINES, AMANDA ELIZABETH HUFHINES; THOMAS W. HUFHINES, the last four are minors and THOMAS HUFHINES is their general guardian; MARY RICHMOND LEE, wife of MILTON LEE; NAPOLEAN RICHMOND; CANSADA RICHMOND; SARAH RICHMOND; ANGELINA RICHMOND; ADDEVILLE RICHMOND, the last five are minors and have no general guardian . . . all from Jackson County Tennessee." . . . WILMA [VITURA] PROCTOR, wife of ABRAHAM PROCTOR of the State of Arkansas; MARTHA HUFFINES; NEWTON HUFFINES; MONROE HUFFINES; MARY HUFFINES; TIMOTHY HUFFINES, minors of the State of Indiana who have no guardian known to Complainants, MALINDA WHITE, wife of CHARLES WHITE of the State of Illinois are the heirs of Said GEORGE A. HUFFINES and ROBERT F. RICHMOND is the administrator of his estate.

Complainants show that said sum of two hundred and fifty nine dollars and thirty eight cents ($259.38) the balance of the purchase price or consideration for Said Land has not been paid to Complainant DANIEL HUFFINES, but the same with interest therein from the 5 day of December 1860 remains due and unpaid to Said Complainants.

Complainants cannot find Deeds made by Said GEORGE A. HUFFINES to said ADAM S. HUFFINES or to WILLIAM H. BOTTS registeres in Said Office and if such Deeds were made and Registered Complainant DANIEL HUFFINES is advised that such conveyances and the Deeds in Truse above mentioned will not defeat or interfere with his lein up Said Land for the unpaid purchase money above mentioned and he is advised that he has such a Lien upon . . . and our next friend ASBERRY W. DRAPER and ASBURY W. DRAPER Citizens of Jackson County Tennessee Complainants against ADAMS S. HUFFINES; THOMAS HUFFINES; RILEY W. HUFFINES; JOHN S. DRAPER; MARION HUFFINES and his wife HARRIET FRANCES HUFFINES; JOANA JOSEPHINE HUFFINES; DANIEL ASBURY HUFFINES; AMANDA ELIZABETH HUFFINES; THOMAS W. HUFFINES; ROBERT F. RICHMOND; MILTON LEE and his wife MARY LEE; NAPOLION RICHMOND; CANSADA RICHMOND; SARAH RICHMOND; ANGELINA RICHMOND; ADDEVILLE RICHMOND of said County of Jackson; ABRAHAM PROCTOR and his wife VITURA PROCTOR of Arkansas; MARTHA HUFFINES [and] TIMOHTY HUFFINES of Indiana; CHARLES WHITE and his wife MALINDA WHITE of Illinois; JOHN P. MURRAY; and W. D. DYCUS of Jackson County, Tennessee; and W. A. BERRY & FELIX DENORAL & SAM VANLEAR of Davidson County Tennessee and WILLIAM H. BOTTS of Barren County Kentucky and DANIEL H. HUFFINES of Jackson County Tennessee - Defendant

Complainants show that on the 5 day of December 1860 Complainant DANIEL HUFFINES sold and by deed of that date conveyed to his son GEORGE A. HUFFINES and his heirs a tract of land lying in the County of Jackson and State of Tennessee in Civil District No. 3 on Wartrace Creek, bounded as follows:

Beginning at a hickory and hornbeam in SAMUEL HANNAH's North boundary line, North one hundred poles . . . to an ash, then north 45 degrees . . .[Cont] . . . "West to a stake at the conditional line made by ADAM TEEL and PETER TEEL between them, thence with said line to a pile of rocks made for the purpose of a corner between DANIEL HUFHINES and R. F. RICHMOND, thence with the conditional line made by DANIEL HUFHINES in laying off R. F. RICHMOND a portion of land to a beech on the top of the South ridge, thence with the top of said ridge to a beech corner made by JOHN VEACH and WILLIAM RICHARDSON, thence down the hill with the line made by VEACH and RICHARDSON to the beginning . . . containing one hundred and twenty acres more or less. One acres excepted including the old meeting house and one and a half acres excepted where the new meeting house stands for the consideration of eight hundred and fifty dollars of which sum said DANIEL HUFHINES gave to said GEORGE A. HUFHINES five hundred and ninety dollars and sixty two cents to make him equal with what he had given to the rest of his heirs, i. e. his children, for the balance being two hundred and fifty nine dollars and thirty eight cents ($259.38). Said GEORGE A. HUFHINES executed his note to complainant said DANIEL HUFHINES which note is lost or unintentionally misplaced due 5 day of December 1860, which sum of two hundred and fifty nine dollars and thirty eights cents with interest thereon remains.